Aug 262014

Red Tent Path of Beauty

The deepest layers of grief, psychic and somatic pain can only be accessed, released and transformed into empowered charismatic presence in a supportive healing ritual: Lahood.

Friday Evening Presentation: Birth, Sex, Death and Women’s Shamanism

Open to the public. A Visionary warm up and presentation of the death experience in childbirth. We will also explore Childbirth as the first ritual, the original shamanism, and the genesis of the great religions.

Saturday and Sunday Workshop:     Red Tent Breathwork

We aim for the deep release of anything in the way of our Eros: the pleasure of being.

Dr G Lahood a transpersonal psychologist, perinatal anthropologist, psychotherapist has researched the non-ordinary states of consciousness, NDE’s and the psycho-spiritual encounter with death in Birth. Join Dr Lahood for a fascinating and empowering journey into the secret foundation of shamanism, ritual and religion.

Email: for booking and go to for more information about Dr G; a comprehensive workshop outline, and download a free article on the transformation of birth-giving trauma in ritual breathwork.

Apr 152014


May 2nd

Therapeutic Democracy: a Gestalt Experiment in Collaborative Inquiry

Gestalt Therapy Brisbane

June 28-29

Charismatic Co-inquiry Training

An Introduction to embodied transpersonal personhood

Temple Byron

September 26, 27 & 28


Deep Impact Ritual Breathwork

Sweet Medicine Sweat-lodge

Byron Hinterland

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September (to be advised)

Therapeutic Democracy Action Research for Gestalt therapists

GANZ Gestalt Conference Brisbane

November 22-28

Seven Day

Charismatic Co-inquiry in Concert

Byron Bay

Venue to be advised

For more information contact 0431112514;

The presence of this facilitator was an exemplar of the presence that I am seeking to describe…he seemed entirely in control of himself and therefore had no apparent desire to control the group.

         Steve Psychotherapist & Doctoral Student